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July 22nd 2016 to August 14th 2016 BERLIN

We are building an agenda of ambitious, bold ideas and solutions by remembering the predecessors of art expansion! John Cage, Duchamp and the likes.

The International (d) Experimental Art Space is an open and relaxed traveling platform for testing practices in art for human growth. This space offers artist, thinkers, philosophers, performers, musicians, writers, a social place to further a practice, lecture, meet, experiment, present and engage with peers or just come to enjoy a conversation, contemplation and comradery.

  Please join us for an amazing experience in Berlin International Experimental Art Space: July 21st to August 14th 2016.   miChelle Vara The Multimedia award winning American artist will curate the atmosphere to create through, while displaying her new inspired work that connects through human enlightenment, meditation and metaphor. The work captures and moves through the magic and humor of objects. She will facilitate space for growth and participation offering a platform for Action, Events, artistic expression. www.michellevara.com
Deborah Carruthers
The work of Deborah Carruthers speaks to ideas of absence, loss, memorialization and the more-than-human in the new age of Anthropocene. A multidisciplinary artist, the works presented here are drawings and prints related to several series in process.
  ANNE LABOVITZ Utilizing Relational Listening (a meditative act of connection), American artist Anne Labovitz will create an installation in collaboration with the public. Labovitz will facilitate conversations with the public by extending an open invitation to participate through sharing stories or personal offerings. These conversations will be woven into the fabric of the installation piece. labovitz.com 122Conversations.com   Christopher Danowski “Ongoing dialogue with you about media, performance, ritual. Reflections of you, traces of me, shadows playing in the dark when no one can see.” The theatre and performance artist has written over fifty plays, directed, and performed in living rooms, galleries, and unusual spaces (sometimes in theaters). He was artistic director of Theater in My Basement 1999-2013, & a member of Howl Theatre Project.   Robyn Thomas [b. USA,1970] and Melusine van der Weyden [b. Germany, 1970] will present together a small group of mixed media works on paper and corresponding fragments of fictional writing in English and German. Ladan Yalzadeh Contemplative Creativity Lab is an opportunity to experiment with the creative mediums through a process that starts with quieting the mind and sharpening our senses. When we let go of thoughts and concepts, we open to all possibilities. Curiosity arises naturally. Curiosity leads to experimentation and experimentation reveals a truth that is fresh, surprising, always accessible and playful. At the Berlin Contemplative Creativity Lab, we will dive into this experiment by using the body as the medium to explore the inherent creativity that flows through all of us.
   Margaret Hart  Margaret Hart begins with the notion of the cyborg, already a biological and machine assemblage, and creates collages to provide experimental conceptions of posthuman feminism and gender. Collage is an art form which has historically challenged or disrupted cultural norms and is one aspect of the diverse legacy of feminist art practice. The works presented at the International Experimental Art Space begin a conversation on redefining gender in our posthuman era.

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