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5:30 pm- Margaret Hart will be giving a talk : "Interdisciplinary Collaborations: 3 Approaches in the Arts"
6:30 pm- Deborah Carruthers on "Navigating the Niceties of Interdisciplinary Collaborations"
7:00 pm - 3rd annual: Creative Minds Dinner (Vegan Pasta) BYOB and a Share.
Practices: Art as a navigational tool in the uncharted Anthropocene By Gabriel Deerman & Ana MacArthur 18:30 – 19:30 (Heishaus) Friday July 29th Unsettled Practices: Art as a navigational tool in the uncharted Anthropocene How do artists navigate the complex and entangled issues that continue to unfold as we become more aware of the consequences of human activity in this time increasingly referred to as the Anthropocene? Ana MacArthur and Gabriel Deerman are visual artists working with similar issues of relationships with and within the natural or nonhuman world while utilizing radically different strategies and approaches. Simon Pope will moderate this discussion and brings with him his own background, which engages similar concerns through social practice. Deerman’s body of work Pastoral/Counter Pastoral applies combinatorial methodologies to the tradition of landscape painting- an age old tradition turned on its head by contemporary factors such as globalization and climate change. MacArthur’s body of work Rewilding the Practice focuses on collaboration with a scientist and non-human/animal, while reflecting on extinction, energy use, interspecies relationships, and collaboration as a means to unexpected solution.

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